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A game review
Posted 6:48PM April, 4, 2001 by DDG
All of fans of Anne McCaffrey should love this one:


We've just posted up a review of Freedom: First Resistance. A decidedly mediocre action adventure based on the Freedom trilogy by Scif Fi and fantasy author Anne McCaffrey. Here's a quick snippet from the review:

"...the AI is appalling. The path finding by the characters is so bad they usually find themselves running into walls, unable to navigate around through a door that’s right next to them. Enemies just charge at you and also suffer from bad path finding. I actually found myself luring hoards of Catteni into doorways only then to take them out from a distance as they all got stuck in a doorway. *sigh*"

We'd appreciate a link to it on your site. The URL is:

A cooler...of sorts
Posted 6:47PM April, 4, 2001 by DDG
Check this out:

Spy Photo: The Reactor Superactive Water Cooler - April 3rd, 2001 ~Scott
From CPUfx's Top Secret underground laboratories located somewhere in the mountains of Colorado, comes a new and daring water cooling design! The picture over at shows a dual channel water block with dual slim fans. So what the heck are these fans for? If our information is correct, each side of the Reactor Superactive Water Block has small cooling fins built right in. The two fans cool these fins much the same as a conventional heatsink. This new feature should help keep the water block extra cool plus prevent a catastrophic disaster just incase the water pump should ever fail. The Reactor will also use the same spring clips used on the Core. Check it out and be sure to watch for an exclusive review right here on ClubOC!

View the Spy Photo over at

AMD Thunderbird 1.22GHz review
Posted 6:45PM April, 4, 2001 by DDG
Club Overclocker has a review of AMD's new love child: the Thunderbird 1.33GHz processor:

AMD Thunderbird 1.33GHz CPU Review - April 3rd, 2001 ~Scott
It's been a busy day here at the club! This time we crank out a review on the best CPU available from AMD, the 1.33GHz Thunderbird! Here's clip:
"Just recently, AMD released their new 266MHz bus based CPUs featuring this new 1.33GHz flagship. Faster bus speeds means higher performance, something we could all use more of. Since this is the first time we've been able to get our hands on a top end CPU, especially one as fresh as the 1.33GHz Thunderbird, we can hardly wait to get started!"

Check out our review here!

A new controller
Posted 6:43PM April, 4, 2001 by DDG
Here's another controller to add to your collection:

New Fragmaster 2000 Game Controller Review

Yes folks, it's that game controller they announced awhile ago that we
know and love. (Okay, so you don't know jack about it, screw me). Anyways
today at G3D:Gaming In 3D they have reviewed the Frag Master 2000, a
controller that was made out of an keyboard with a dremel? Sound funky?
Check it out. Their not reinventing the controller, just modifying it.

"The games used for testing will be Half Life Counter Strike 1.1, Unreal
Tournament, and Red Alert 2. Half Life: CS1.1 it works as any other
keyboard, just map the buttons and you are set. One complaint I had with
was the buttons were too soft and didn't feel like my MS Keyboard. Other
then that it worked flawlessly. Typing messages was easier then
to type with the keyboard slanted and having lots of typos."

Something for your case
Posted 6:42PM April, 4, 2001 by DDG
If you've ever felt the need to add something special to your case then read on:

Hello, has just finished a guide to adding window etching's
to your case! A nice and simple way to add some extra spark to your

"There are numerous case mods out there with window kits. Add a
neon tube inside your case behind that window and you have yourself
a nice pimpin' case to show off to your friends. But how do you
make your case stand out from the rest? Add more neon? If those
tubes are costing you too much, I would suggest slapping in some
Window Etchings!"

Direct Link:
Host Link:

77th issue
Posted 6:41PM April, 4, 2001 by DDG
Here is the 77th issue of ZZZ Online. Check it out:

Today is Sunday, so the 77th issue of ZZZ online is out. Don't forget
that today is the first of April too :-) You may use the following info
for the news posting:

Read in the 77th issue of ZZZ online about:
- electronic hammer manufactured by AMD (not CPU)
- smart digital slippers
- workspace android
- magnetic spaceship


New ASUS drivers
Posted 6:39PM April, 4, 2001 by DDG
These are the latest drivers for the ASUS line of GeForce cards. Click on the link below to download them:


Folks, we have a modified Asus 6.50 Detonator for your pleasure :-)

It´s a combination of the functions of the Asus 6.31 Detonator and
the OpenGL & Direct3D files of the nVidia 6.50 reference driver
-> an Asus 6.50 Detonator for Windows 95/98/ME!

You can found it here:

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